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Barack’s effects on the economy

8 November 2008 Sören Zschoche 19 Comments Economy

Although I’m not an American I’m really happy to see that now for the first time in the history of the USA a man with Afro American roots became president. I think this decision has improved the image of the USA in the world very much. The image which has suffered under the government of George W. Bush, is now back with a new message “Change”. But what can the U.S. and the rest of the world expect from the new president and much more interesting which parts of the economy will benefit from him? First of all we shouldn’t expect too much from Mr. Obama, although he is a great speaker with fire in the eyes. The President-elect is facing some of the biggest problems the U.S ever had:

  • The national debt has achieved the incredible amount of $1100.000.000.000
  • The war in Iraq swallows up $5.000 per second, that’s $300.000 per minute and $432.000.000 per day
  • The climate is in danger to collapse if the world and especially the U.S. won’t come to grips with their emissions we are in danger of loosing the planet as we know it

To say nothing about the financial crisis, new conflicts with Russia, the Iran or Venezuela or just the fact that we are facing a recession which consequences can’t just be estimated right now.

So above all these points it’s hard to imagine that Mr. Obama is able to spend any money for anything at all. But the promises Barack Obama made don’t have to be mutually exclusive. For example though investments and subventions of renewable energies new jobs can be created. That has the same effect like a stimulus package. Also it’s a good alternative for searching oil in far dessert countries. So I’m sure that Barack will make affords to support renewable energies, he also promised to spend $150 billion in the next 10 years in that industry. But which companies could benefit from that?

I picked out a few companies which could theoretically benefit from his plans, but before you buy these stocks now remember, just because a stock sounds interesting it doesn’t mean that it rises. If you want to buy these watch out for the right price.

The first one is First Solar [ (NASD: FSLR)], a producer of solar panels. Solar energy will have a lion’s share at the power supply of renewable energies. So First Solar will be the first address in the U.S.

The second one is Acher Daniels Midland [ (ADM)], a producer of food, fertilizer but also in bio fuels. Bio fuels will be very interesting for the government under Barack Obama because they can create jobs in the farming sector as well as they can make America independent of the so called pariah states.

Other interesting companies could be Repower, Solarworld, Nordex or Evergreen Solar.

The second promise senator Obama made is to make health care affordable for many of the 47 million Americans who are currently not insured. This point will be difficult because large health insurance companies like Aetna or UnitedHealthcare fear that they might suffer under lower profits. Also I don’t know if America is ready for so a social system, yet. Perhaps that’s why Obama didn’t say something concrete about this point, yet. But if a company would benefit from that it would definitely be Community Health Systems [ (CYH)]. Community Health Systems provides hospitals and hospitals would be the direct winners of any health care plan. But you can of course disagree with me in this point.

So I hope that Barack Obama will be able to put his plans into practice. However I think many people believe in him and faith can be the beginning for “Change” also when it seems to be very difficult.

What’s your opinion? Do you know companies, that are likely to benefit from Mr. Obama’s plans? Please write a comment and let us know!