The 5 richest criminals of all time

18 April 2008 Sören Zschoche 316 Comments Entertainment

It´s not a big secret you can get rich as a criminal very rich,but if you believe Al Capone was the richest and greatest gangster who ever stepped on our planet you´re at fault. He was not even one of the first 5 richest criminals.

1. Pablo Emilio Escobar 1949 – 1993 9 Billion USD

Pablo Escobar was definitely the greatest and richest criminal the world hasA wanted poster of Pablo Escobar ever seen. In 1989 Forbes listed him as the seventh richest man in the world with an estimated net value of 9 Billion USD.Escobar was born in Colombia where from he estimated a drug cartel of incredible proportions. He had submarines, planes, and employed nearly every inhabitant of his hometown Medellin. On top of his career he even tried to become the president of Colombia, raged a court with tanks and build his own personal jail. All the same Palbo Escobar was shot in 1993 by an American special force.

2. Carlos Lehder 1950 – ? 2.7 Billion USD

According to my investigations the second place goes to Carlos Lehder. He worked together with Pablo Escobar and was one of the co-founders of the Medellin Cartel. His estimated net value was taxed on 2.7 Billion USD.

3. Susumu Ishii 1924 – 1991 1.5 Billion USD

Susumu Ishii was born in Tokyo in 1924. one of the heads of the Ingawa-Kai , Japan´s second largest “yakuza” underworld syndicate. Also he was the 5th soho of the Yokosusa-ikka. His estimated net value amounted to 1.5 Billion USD, which he earned through various loans, banking deals, and real estate scams. But as the Japanese economic bubble burst, Ishii was no longer “the world’s richest gangster”. His assets a his health declined rapidly, and diet one year later.

4.Anthony Salerno 1911 – 1992 600 Million USD

Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno was a member of the American Cosa Nostra and the front boss of the Genovese crime family. He was born and raised in East Harlem, New York where he worked one´s way up to the top of New York’s mafia as a basher and shylock. In November 1984 the Chicago mob sent a messenger to ask Fat Tony to lay off in Vegas. The FBI had tapped Tony’s club where the meet was and that was the beginning of the end. Had Tony gone to meet with the Chicago boys in one of the Chicago Hotels maybe things would have ended differently. In 1986 he was sentenced to 100 years prison by the “Mafia Commission Trial” where he died in 1992.

5.Meyer Lansky 1902 – 1993 400 Million USD

Meyer Lansky was born in Grodno Russia and emigrated with is family to the U.S.A in 1911, where he settled down on the East Side of Manhattan. At the age of 25 he established gambling operations in Florida and Cuba in a time long before credit card machines. Later he realised own vulnerability to tax evasion prosecution, in response he transferred illegal funds from his growing casino empire to Europe. A few years later he even bought a complete offshore bank in Switzerland.

The only problem by getting rich as criminal is that you probably won´t life very long so don´t get into mischiefs … ;)


  • Andrew said:

    Pablo Escobar was shot in 1993 not 1939.

  • Sören Zschoche said:

    Oh yea thanks little typing error I will correct that immediately.

  • sarah said:

    this article is very interesting…
    but more interesting is the question who is nowadays the richest criminal?

  • niladri said:

    its coooooooooooooooool but can you tell me like as they show in GODFATHER are there real families with such enormous powers………..further casino is legal in US isnt it(thats why they have LAS VEGAS)then why gambling is a crime

  • Shredder said:

    Lansky died in 1983, not 1993. Also, Salerno was NOT that rich, but Tony Accardo of Chicago was.

  • dicking said:

    What about Amado Carrillo Fuentes. That guy made a est. 25 billion of drugs and was co founder of the Medellin Cartel.

  • Anonymous said:


    Semion Mogilevich is richer than #2

  • J money said:

    yo he was an Og he was the man much love to him

  • BigGmaN said:

    didn’t griselda blanco make over a billion with the medellin cartel?

  • Mauricio Alvarado said:

    Your all wrong except for Dicking, Amado Carrillo Fuentes mado Over 25 billion dollars and thats just estimated. He was the leader of the Juarez Cartel. He is estimated to have Trafficked an estimated 4 times more cocaine than any other trafficker ever. If you guys do your research right, youll find that the wealthiest criminals are those of the Mexican and Colombian cartels.

  • Alberto said:

    Pablo Escobar sige vivo

  • BT said:

    You’re all forgetting one very important person who was enormously wealthy through crime.. Al Capone!! He made hundreds of millions of dollars during prohibition bootlegging liquor and that translats to billions of dollars adjusted for inflation!

  • MHOзOTOюйE said:


  • ФЈФЛa said:


  • Beckham said:


  • R Singapore said:

    Mate, this article is not accurate at all.

    Escobar, no doubt the undisputed king of it all.

    Amado Carillo Fuentes was number 2. They call him the lord of the skies for transporting coke in 747s. Dide while undergoing plastic surgery to alter his looks to delude law enforcement agents.

    Guzman Loera should be in number 3 for the way he worked his way up to being the second most wanted man in the world after osama.

    Griselda Blanco aka Godmother was worth 3 billion. She introduced violence in the cocaine trade in the states.

    Please write better articles after doing extensive and thorough research, if not dont bother.

  • JamesD said:

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  • Святослав Маминов said:

    Мне вот интересно, если текст c вашего сайта себе копировать, то ссылку куда лучше ставить прямо на эту запись или же на главную страницу.

  • Azi said:

    Dawood Ibrahim Is also One of the richest mob of present mafia world with an estimation of more than ! billion Dollars.

  • JLA said:

    This article has many mistakes… Pablo Escobar wasn’t killed by american special forces, it was colombian authorities.

  • Jake Izquierdo said:

    sin duda pablo el mejor narco de la historia pero no lo mataron en ese año yo creo que el mando un tipo que se opero con su mismo rostro para engañar a todo el mundo!!! soy De Ecuador

  • mike said:

    first carillo fuentes wasnt even close to any top guy in the medellin cartel. mexican cartels wouldnt be anywhere without colombians..
    they for got griselda she was worth billion and lives in bogota know..
    (colombians still running the game ya tusabes)

  • sir dawgz said:

    give me three years

  • fan_OF_pablo said:

    the richest criminal in history is Amado Carrilo Fuentes , but he’s not as famous as Al Capone and Pablo Escobar , they’re considered also as very wealth but they had like 4-10 times less than Amado.
    Amado had 25 BILLION dollars
    Pablo had 9 BILLION dollars ( #7 at ’89 THE RICHEST MAN of the planet)
    The both were involved with drugs. Pablo started with weed , but finished with big amounts of cocain , he’s called ” EL MAGICO ” or “EL PADRONE” , It’s believed that he gained the title of ” DRUGLORD ” , because he was trading cocain from Cuba to Asia and beyond.He was the man who import the cocain in America , and made it very popular. If someone got interested ’bout pablo’s life , let him watch the movie “BLOW” based on true story..

  • Jeff said:

    The five richest criminals of all time? Hardly. Consider Adnan Kashoggi for example. In the early to mid-’70s he was reportedly worth some 372 billion dollars, until he made somebody angry and was sent off to prison. Although Bill Gates at the pique of his wealth was only worth about 20% of what Kashoggi was, yet Kashoggi wasn’t the richest. There are reports that among the obscure and yet most powerful secret society- the Bilderberg Group, a.k.a. Bilderbergers. It has been said that among them is the world’s only trillionaire. His name is not given, only his religion, which has been said to be Jewish. However, so little is know about him, I have not read that he is a criminal.
    But Kashoggi made much of his fortune from illicit arms trading. It has been said that he supplied both sides of wars with weapons, among other things.

  • Jeff said:

    Correction: Bill Gates was worth aboutb 100 billion dollars at the height of the tech boom in the 90s. That puts him at about 27% of Kashoggi’s worth.

  • J said:

    what about “el chapo” Guzman?

  • qweq said:

    Guzman (mexican cartel boss) is by Forbes estimated to have 25 billion US dollars, and the guy with 400mil, man are you nuts. Big boys make that on just one coke run. Recently a few guys were arrested in Uruguay with 200mil worth of coke. God knows how many people get away with such shipments and repeat them over and over. There are probably hundreds of billionaire criminals nowadays.

  • maghoti said:

    Them Bilderberg punks r white collar wallstreet gangsters…they part of th goons draftin th NWO blueprints…so if u aint in th know,now u know!

  • Karachi's langra Badshah said:

    Em frm Karachi’s Langra gang…We deal in drugs and arms…last month a meeting of active groups in karachi was held….This is interesting to note that there are almost 113 Drug Dealing Families are active only in karachi,amongst them almost 40 to 50 families are frm all over the world holding there foot steps in karachi….we paid 130 million Rupees royalty to MQM and PPP Leaders…I dont want to ,mention their names cause its secret….
    Here is the list as far i knows being a mafia member…

    1.Adnan Khashoggi
    2.Amado Carrillo
    3.pablo Escober

  • Basilasi south africa said:

    Jesus was the begining and he holds the keys 2 heaven u wil reap wat u sow do not envy murderes and men of corrupt conduct… Oh personally i think the pope is most powerful and the catholic movement valued trillions

  • Asia Times said:

    Asia Times Report 14th May 2009…

    Asia’s Most Powerful Dons?Families Are:

    1.Japanese Yakuza (The Yakuza) Net Worth 2 Billion Dollars
    2.Dawood Ibrahim ( D Company) Net Worth 1 Billion Dollars
    3.Bal Thakray (Indian political Leader)Net Worth 30 Billion Indian Rupee
    4.Altaf Hussain (Pakistan’s Political Leader)Net Worth 7.5 Billion Dollars
    5.Russian Mafia (Russian) Net Worth 1.8 Billion Dollars

  • London Guy said:

    Yeah i agreed Altaf Hussain is the powerful and richest politician of Pakistan…He was once a taxi driver and Hawker…Zardari net worth 1.8 billion dollars…..

  • pablo said:

    pablo escobar is still alive!!!!!
    sigue vivo!!!!!!

  • CICCO PEPE said:

    It’s funny how people make such a big deal about the Italian-American mafia!!! They are & will always be considered small-time compared to their Italian ancestors. You want to see money and power??? Look no further than the “Mezzogiorno” or the southern half of Italy below Rome. Currently, global financial think tanks project or estimate that they’re bringing in around 250 billion USD a year. The five regions in the south have regional mafias. ‘Ndrangheta of Calabria, Camorra of Campania, La Cosa Nostra of Sicily, Sacra Corona Unita of Puglia and Basilischi of Basilicata are being billed as “MAFIA INC”. They all collaborate with eachother and reap these types of profits because of their camraderie. Not only do they cooperate with themselves, but with criminal groups all over the world, especially in Latin America where they get their most valuable commodities and control the European drug market. ‘Ndrangheta is the most powerful but Camorra is a close second, while La Cosa Nostra has never fully recovered from the violence of the 1980′s thru 1990′s drug trade which resulted in martial law by the state and it’s military. Italy has and always will be the gateway to Europe for anything and everything as long as the ancient culture and tradition of the ‘societa honorata’ prevails and succeeds.

  • Matamoros said:

    At the peak of his “career”, Juan Garcia Abrego, former head of the Gulf Cartel based out of Matamoros, Mx/Brownsville, Tx was raking in 10 BILLION dollars in PROFIT ANNUALLY.

  • TheOne said:

    Unless your a complete idiot and dont know what number is greater 9 or 25 then you know the richest criminal is Amado Carrillo fuentes with a fortune of over 25 billion dollars not to mention he pioneered the use of a fleet of 727 passenger airplanes which nor Pablo Escobar nor any russian,italian, or japanese etc mafia boss could ever do they just couldnt do it thats why Amado is the richest,most inteligente and most powerful drug lord in history.Then i would say number 2 was Pablo Escobar for his fortune and fame and violent ways fighting his cartel with others and turning medellin columbia into the murder capital of the world with a murder rate of about 350 for every 100,000 residents.Now el chapo Guzman is gaining worldwide fame cuz he turned juarez,mexico into the murder capital of the world last year and is on pace to claim the title again this year.Some people dont relize that the more people killed on behave of a cartel means how powerful it is for example if a king pin has 300 people under his order and then he sends them to fight in a city and that cities drug boss has 200 people to his command the max number of murders in that city would be 500people and plus non drug related regular murders say 200 then there would be 700 all togther imagine a city like juarez,mexico which its regular murders are around from 200 to 300 a year and last year it had 2650 murders from there you can figure out the power of the drug lord fighting to take control.

  • Lewis said:

    What about John Gotti? Rumours was he had over 1 billion, and his Family combined had alot more.

    Nice read though, thank you.

  • pooley said:

    Brian Wright

  • K said:

    Dawood Ibrahim worth over $6-7 billion. The biggest and most feared don of all time.

    He is the head of an organised crime and terror syndicate in South Asia, called the “D-Company” by South Asian media. Dawood’s D-Company has been identified as a criminal-terrorism syndicate by the US Congress. Dawood is currently on the wanted list of Interpol for organised crime and counterfeiting. He was No.4 on the Forbes 2008 list of The World’s 10 Most Wanted criminals, and no.50 on the Forbes 2009 list of The World’s Most Powerful People.

  • YourAbitOff said:

    Uhhh what about Bernie Madoff??? not a glamorous criminal but without doubt a rich one.

  • Ya said:

    The Rothchild family is the richest criminal of all time. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then prepare, upon researching, to wake up.

  • Chaos Reigns said:

    Pablo Escobar is not the richest. He is the most famous. To date Amado Carrillo fuentes has the most money. Guzman earns about 1.4 million a day. Semion Mogilevich is going to be the richest it is estimated he brings in about 700 million a year. The reason why he makes so much money is through the traficking of nuclear arms.

  • skez said:

    Listen guys all this talk comes down 2 is pure speculation….The only men who know these exact figures are the criminals we are all talkin about….Everybody is entitled to their opinion for sure, but none of us know the facts behind these drug lords,mafia men etc and probably never will.

  • daddy said:

    Rothschild and the Windsors… greatest criminals of all time, after the vatican that is.

  • suckhole said:

    The country’s name is spelled Colombia idiot.

  • pavol said:

    i was very fascinated of Pablo’s true that were a lot murder and a lot of things not good but he was person who wanted something and he reached that..very person has his price and depends only how next model of veru rich gangster is Al Capone..good luck everyone and don’t remember..pablo was number one and every person has his brain and we have to use that how you want and think..
    pacta sunt servanda..

  • Streaming House said:

    Cool list, but Lansky was worth at least a billion dollars

  • financialblog said:

    Rothschild and the Windsors… greatest criminals of all time, after the vatican that is.

  • Aguacateros said:

    Amado Fuentes over 25billion dollars how did you miss that Pablo escobar was his bitch without Fuentes he wouldn’t of got as much of his product to USA Fuentes rueld the skies with his 22 private jets

  • Nenad said:

    I think Pablo Escobar was much richer than that. Some estimate his wealth to be as high as 50-100 billion. It was said rats would eat his 1 billion of his assets every year, so you can imagine how much money this guy made.

    Btw, your forgetting Semion Mogilevich, El Chapo Guzman and a shitload of Mexican and Colombian drug traffickers through history who easily fit the billion dollar list.

  • ajwain said:

    pakistani cocksuckers can neva be rich ……….. 1st there is only 1 billionaire officially in pakistan !! Pakistan is a country full of whore’s. u can see veena malik as a potential contestant

  • Alfred E Neumann said:

    1. You started the discussion with “Pablo Escobar” and finished with “Palbo” Escobar.

    There is no “American Special force.” There is “Special Forces.”

    3. Susumu Ishii “died” one year later, he didn’t “diet.”

  • fedup said:

    skez is right! Numbers get inflated by how much everyone who is in the organization plus associates are making. They break down numbers by street value of coke etc,. We dont know how much of that is profit for the dealer. Guzman makes $1.4 million a day? I am sure he is reading this he wish he was. I am sure it is not all profit nor his. As for the debate you have to take into account inflation for those who are no longer alive or in the game. Griselda Blanca allegedly made $80 million a month at her peak. $50 million a year in prison. Now I doubt if all that money came to her so what are the real numbers? Who knows!

    This poorly researched and written article has made a great conversation piece.


  • Gday mate said:

    The ochoas ran the medellin cartel, thwy were worth more than escobar just didnt throw it around as much

  • Nakul said:

    Pabalo is greatest man but now a days daud ibrahim is greatest.

  • toto said:

    First of all amado carrillo was not richest and he did not traffick for pablo escobar, he trafficked for the cali cartel from another region in colombia, and nobody really knows pablo escobars wealth, his cartel alone grossed they say over 200 billion in their height, they controlled 80 percent of cocaine supply in the world in their peak, they made 60 million dollars a day, so escobar had a lot more money than that, his brother says escobar had atleast 50 billion in personal wealth, in his book he says they had so much money they would lose count

  • MagaPayment said:

    Nigerian Negros are the richest criminal of the modern times. A guy in Lagos was accessed to have about 400billion Dollars. Full time fake bank scam. I am in the game. Scam 2sweet.

  • John said:

    Actually, Pablo Escobar was not the richest criminal in history, the most famous – yes, not the richest. Search this man, Amado Carrillo Fuentes, much more interesting. Like they say, the most powerful criminals are the ones you don’t hear about.

  • Lcovati acm said:

    Well, Pablo was very rich in the late 80′s!for your info the Italian mafia’s are not united in anyway! They might do business with each other or make certain agreements with each other, but, united! No!it’s true! El chapo has gained extreme power and might be one of the richest!

  • Lcovati acm said:

    John gotti the richest! No, way! He spent all his money on suits!

  • Bo$$ said:

    Wat am seein here z tht eerbdys prasin their man.but y dnt we do research 1st n then talk…and Basilasi frm RSA ths z posd to b general knwldge so dnt HATE..

  • Else said:

    wow you can be a criminal and still be rich

  • kyle said:

    DOnt be stupid people pablo will always be the richest. forbes listed him as #7

  • Big5 said:

    Yeh don’t be stupid people Pablo was the richest he had 9 billion dollars forget Amado Carrillo Fuentes having 25 billion dollars lets listen to the Pablo Escobar groupies saying he was the richest and moved the most coke to good old U.S. of A although Amado had double his wealth and moved 4 more times coke to America then any other druglord in history but those are just FACTS lets just listen to the groupies hahahaahahah

  • Mike said:

    Its funny when you people that read a persons net worth iy actually is…first escobar will be the greatest boss of medellin. He was the.boss of it all forbes.estimated.him at 9 billion thats just money they can trace he was actually worth close to 30 billion. When he got wacked the cali cartel took over and became the bosses . After they got arrested in 02 they made a deal with mexicans cartel to deal with west coast and the south . Why? Cuz they feared being extradited to the u.s after that law passin 98. The so called farc makes the deals with.the mexicans but thats all in front cover.theres a cartel it goes by the super cartel that are the.bosses. As far as carillo he was in the mix with pablo they use to call him mexico. He made a deal with pablo that he will transport it from colomboa to mecico in ezchange instead of cash he wanted coke.but.he wasnt allowed to sell in their turf. So he agreed and took over the business in texas and made tunnels from juares to texas and made alot of money but wasnt near 25bollion. He was the first mexican smuggler that becamea drug lord. And put everyone there on game. If chapo is only worth 1billion but he is the main dude in mexico. Also read up on the super cartel. They smuggled twice the amount of coke that the medellin did. They are very low key and dont get to much involved from the surface. Also people think that the italian mob is gone but.they also are very low key. But you cant compare wealth from italians and.mexicans russians to the bosses frok colombia. Lets focus the problem… Llegalize it!! Just like pearbition people die of alcohol every 30 seconds if prople want to do cocainr its up to them. Tax it and end this dept that the u.s have and focus on things that affect us all like healthcare. And social security.!!

  • Mike said:

    You guys have to understand how it works the ochoas the cali cartel and the recent super cartel. Dont like press they stashed their wealth really well. Medellin cartel grossed 40billion a year. Escobar was really worth little over 40. He offered to pay the deficit to the u.s of 10 billion like it was nothing…. The.ochoa senior was worth around 20 billion as far as griselda she still id very wealthy. Lives in bogota. Carillo made lots of money but he answered to escobar. After escobar died. Due to calicartel and los pepes. Thry switched their.tactics and was less agressive but still were the main dudes. Now super cartel they smuggle twice amount that medellin did. And.even tho guzman is the.main dude of mexico now. Give him hes credit is not that bright. Cuz he is bringing alot of heat on mexico and killinh innocent people. Now they arrested el kilo from the.zetas that killed all kimds of people forany reason.give the pioneers their credit. 40billion back then will he wrth 120billion. Forbes couldnt trace and give.escobar number 1 bcuz it woulf of looked the u.s.. Pablo escobar. Carlos lehder. Ochoa senior.griselda blanco and carillo aka nino de loscielos. Most of the violence its going towards mexico they are fighting.each other. And killing each other what sucks is that beutiul people from mexico are paying for it.. I use to love visiting mexico. Itd turning like mycountry colombia. Hope they change their goverment ..llegalize cocaine and fixes thre problem. And tax it . A product that grosses 80 billion a year thats ten billion anually for the.u.s cummon obama focus on the recession and the borders!!

  • VITO said:

    The Godfather?!?!?!?!? The mafia was so strongly and so well organized nobody that also only in the dream imagined a bounty on to set the mafia would have the bounty taken the money + that the bounty on set killed

  • Tariman west said:

    i think its tru u can get very rich,but only if u play it in a wise way,and make sure that u come first

  • Big5 said:

    Mike i see your from colombia is clear your going to take pablos side me being from the U.S and really knowing the facts i think the medellin cartel made well into the 20 billions of dollars a year but its not like pablo kept all that i say watch cocaine cowboy the real traffikers around that area say Pablo was taking orders from the ochoas but they to went down the drain in the 90s but still forbes put pablos money fortune at 9 billon its a good fortune he had but Amado Carrillo had twice that its how the timeline goes the italians were on top before the colombians then italians crumbled and colombians took the spot then in the mid 90s the mexicans took the top of the food chain they have been the true bosses running things since then till right nowww so that pretty much closes the book will see in the next 10 years whos running the show but for now and since the mid 90s the mexicaN carteles are on top of the world

  • Jorge k. de cambio de cheques said:

    Pablo Escobar como líder del cartel de Medellín, fue el jefe máximo de la mafia colombiana. Con el comercio de cocaína hizo la fortuna más grande del país. Apodado «el Zar de la cocaína», se creía que su fortuna era valuada entre los 5 y 10 mil millones de dólares, En 1989, Forbes, la revista declaró Escobar como el séptimo hombre más rico del mundo pero recientes hallazgos han hecho ver que la venta de drogas le trajo beneficios de más de 25 mil millones de dólares por lo que llegó a ser el hombre más rico del mundo,1 entrando en la lista de las 10 personas más ricas del mundo.Jorge k. de cambio de cheques

  • Studmuffin67 said:

    Amado Carrillo Fuentes was worth 27 billion dollars in the 90′s making him the riches man in the world. He was making 200million dollars a bi monthly if not more all from importing 90 percent of the cocaine that entered the United States. The U.S probably has richer drug lords but they are under the water and covered up by the government and business tycoons i wouldnt find it surprising to ever find out that one of americas billionaires are laundering drug money through their companies

  • ruben said:

    what about amado fuentes??

  • Isaac said:

    Maybe pablo escobar is in argentina with his son or his son got all that money his dad left behind

  • Jack said:

    Financial problem has made these guys go beyond their capability.. and they are famous of it. What a weird world we lived in….

  • manny said:

    Pablo Escobar was killed BY Columbian special Forces not American

  • boss said:

    what most of u forget is colombians sell coke n weed thats it mexicans sell coke weed herion n most of the crystal n us so colombians can have hella coke but mexicans got other shit 2 make money shit coke is probably like 20% of there income

  • Lauren Pleau said:

    You are not the average blog article writer, guy. You definitely possess some thing effective to add to the net. Your own layout is really strong that you could practically pull off as being a negative article writer, but you’re even amazing with expressing what you must point out. Keep up the great work man!

  • John said:

    I saw a few questions on here. One person asked why gambling is illegal but owning a casino isn’t and the answer to that is because you have to have a gaming license to operate a casino or gambling joint. The government keeps a close eye on gaming to keep organized crime out of it. For a long time until the 60′s gambling was for the most part run by the mob. And on the question of who the richest criminal is right now, I’m not completely sure but I do know that Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico was estimated to be worth 1 billion US Dollars in 2008.

  • John said:

    And I saw MAnny say the Columbian Special Forces killed Pablo Escobar not the American. That’s not true, it was a joint effort and I’m pretty sure the US did confirm the kill.

  • shahzab said:

    in my own point of view.if Ahmed wali karzai wouldn’t be killed by his trusted bodyguard e would b the king of Drug mafia of world. So handsom guy e was.

  • maria said:

    who are YOU to say that the mexican sells coke i thinke you ARE HIGH ON YOUR COKE YES WEED.

  • Jay Novoa said:

    El Chapo is what Pablo was …

  • johnston said:


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