WorldFinancialBlog.com is a blog about the most important events and happenings of all parts of the financial world. Our target is a free discussion with our readers about world financial news, companies and everything which stands in direct contact to the international financial world.

We will also write about successful investing, but we will not recommend you buying certain stocks or certain investment products. What we will do is giving you our opinions on certain situations and companies – information we think that are more valuable for our readers than recommendations. We also strongly believe in value investing as the most successful form of investing, so we will also write and explain a lot about this topic.

Our main target is to fascinate people for successful investing and money. Our blog should provide useful topics for everyone who is interested in money and global financial coherences.

The authors

The WorldFinancialBlog.com is written by Michael Szumielewski and Sören Zschoche, both students from Germany at the Munich University of Applied Sciences where we study business informatics. Aside of informatics we are highly interested in investing and the international financial world. We are no finance pros, but we have some experience in the finance sector and are very motivated to improve our skills.


Write us an e-mail at S.Zschoche@googlemail.com