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Income Protection Considerations for Growing Families!

8 August 2011 Sören Zschoche 22 Comments Entertainment, General

There’s a lot to think about as your family grows. Will our house be a safe and nurturing environment for the kids? Which parent will stop working? How will your kids be educated and disciplined? The questions seem to be never-ending! Today we deconstruct one niche, but common, issue for Australian families – how should my income protection insurance policy change as my family grows?

Should the Non-Working Spouse Be Insured?
Many companies now offer income protection policies that pay a benefit if a non-working spouse is unable to fulfil their household duties. This recognises that although there is no monetary income on which to base benefits, this partner makes a contribution to the house which could only be replaced with money if they were injured. Homemaker income protection can help pay for cleaning, washing and cooking services, and more.

However, remember that this type of income protection may not be tax deductible, as a standard policy would be.

Should You Choose a Shorter Waiting Period?
Having a family usually means more bills that are more urgent. You don’t have the same flexibility in your expenses that you do as a childless family, and so you may want to think about choosing a shorter waiting period so that benefits can be paid sooner after you become disabled.

Is Your Cover Guaranteed?
If you’re in relatively good health and with a growing family, now is the time to check that your income protection cover is guaranteed. Your policy document should have a statement saying something like “We guarantee to provide cover for as long as you continue to pay your premiums as and when due, regardless of changes in your health or circumstance”.

Are Pregnancy Complications Covered?
Growing your family is usually a long term project! Even if this pregnancy is uncomplicated, you should check whether your income protection plan pays out for complications of pregnancy that would prevent you from working. This may be useful if you plan for your new bundle to have siblings in the future.

Are You Getting the Best Deal?
There are plenty of informative and neutral price comparison sites for income protection insurance, which take the legwork out of ensuring you
have the best income protection deal.

Utilise these comparison sites, and you may have a little extra cash to spend on nappies and toys!

Advertising for your business

6 August 2011 Sören Zschoche 14 Comments Companies

Having your own business is a great ambition to work toward. Many people dream of having their very own rewarding enterprise so that they can enjoy the perks of working for themselves. Owning a business of your own can create the freedom you have always dreamed of, but it is a lot of hard work and determination. Being your own boss means having to put a lot of long hours in, especially in the beginning. Coming up with the finances to get your business going can be a challenging prospect. Assuming that you are not paying out of pocket for your strat up you’re going to want to create a great business plan to get the attention of possible investors. Your first bet personally is to make sure that you are fully cleared of any personal debt; business cash advances, student loans and credit cards. The reason being that owning a business takes a lot of money and if you are already in debt, I’m sorry to say, but it most likely will not work out for you. This venture will require you to know and understand how to manage funds properly; it’s one of the biggest parts of a successful business. Actually it is the only part to a successful business in the end. If you’re not bringing in the money, then you can’t stay open. There are many types of different businesses out there, and some cost less than others, but whether you are an actual store front business or an internet business, you will need some form of advertising. Next to having start up money, proper advertising is the greatest factor in your success, without it, how will people know you exist? Location is also an important aspect in getting business, but we will focus on the advertising portion today.

Once you are firmly in place with your financing options, you will want to focus on a good marketing scheme, whether you hire someone to do it or do it on your own, is your own choice, but hiring a marketing agency could help you save with time, and believe it or not money in the long run. Marketing firms understand what it takes to make a business successful, I’m not saying you don’t, but if you put your money in the wrong place, you’re the one that ends up losing. Some things in life are better left to professionals. These professionals can take care of everything from logos, to business cards, to ad prints, to TV. commercials or radio ads. They usually also offer some pretty

innovative ideas to the overall picture of your success. If you were a business student, you are quite familiar (or should be at least) with the world marketing and advertising, even just as an entrepreneur, you should have the basic knowledge of the concept. But in case you don’t (I highly doubt) it is essentially the process of selling, promoting, and distributing your product or service. A good marketing and advertising strategy is the key to your ultimate success. It is the foundation upon which you will begin to build your business.

Your goal when starting up should be getting your business out there and known, eventually with a great product and service, word will spread (hopefully) and you will get the greatest free advertising there is, word of mouth. Just be diligent in making sure that it’s positive, and you can do
that by being on top of your employees and product to ensure they are delivering at their best. Well that is all the advice I have for today. Good luck in our adventures!

Motorcycle On-line

6 August 2011 Sören Zschoche 4 Comments Entertainment

Summer is here and there is nothing better than going for an afternoon ride on my motorcycle.
Last year I purchased a Honda Gold Wing and absolutely love it. The ride is very comfortable for me
and my wife but I would like to have a way to communicate with her. I have been looking online for
several months but everything I have found has been very expensive. I recently found a website cycle-
who has helmet communicators and they were much cheaper than buying the helmet with
the communication system already installed. When I ordered the communication device I even received
free shipping. I have been using cycle-parts now over the past few weeks to order several different
motorcycle accessories and have been very happy with the customer service, shipping and products
offered. They even sell aftermarket parts which has saved me a lot of money. I don’t have a local
motorcycle dealer in my area so this website has saved me a lot of time, hassle and gas! This online
motorcycle parts company has definitely won over my business and I plan on doing much more with
them in the future.